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Alex Young

Project Manager





500 Terry Francois Street
San Francisco, CA 94158

Date of Birth:

March 14th, 1984

A Bit About Me

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Work Experience

January 2010-July 2015

August 2015

January 2023 - June 2024

  • Operation Fast And Furious

  • Fixing Intel Afghanistan Report

  • DIA Report: The Rise of ISIS and ISIL

  • Obama Refers to Isis as a JV Team

  • DIA Annual Threat Assessment

  • FIG Flynn Intel Group

  • 1960's Assassinations

  • 1973-1977: Watergate Scandal

  • 2000: Assistant US Attorney John Durham uncovers FBI misconduct…Pardon Board reached out to Mueller FBI Director. Judge Ruled FBI Misconduct in the 1965 Teddy Deegan Murder.

  • 2005: John Roberts appointed to Supreme Court. Five months later, Rod Rosenstein appointed to Assistant U.S. Attorney by Bush/Cheney.

  • Trump and General Flynn Meet

  • General Flynn Discusses Disagreement with the Obama  Administration

  • Judge Sullivan Presided Over FOIA

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